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South Africa Construction Industry

South Africa is the third-largest economy in Africa. It is also the most technologically advanced, industrialized, and diversified economy on the continent.

Infrastructure investment is a central pillar of the South African government's post-COVID-19 economic recovery plans, with the 2022 budget allocating R812.5 billion to public-sector infrastructure projects. The government's massive spending on infrastructure is expected to drive a construction boom in the country.

The ConstructAfrica Reports Advantage

Our reports focus exclusively on the construction markets of sub-Saharan Africa countries providing strategic insights and identifying construction business opportunities.


Get clear insights into the construction landscape so you can develop informed opinions on the future of the industry and trends.


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Strategic competitive intelligence that focuses exclusively on the analysis of the construction markets of sub-Saharan Africa countries for analysts and decision-makers.


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The reports are quick to digest and easy to use. The many charts, diagrams, and tables allow you to visualise and understand how the market is doing and where it's heading.

Why Sub-Saharan Africa

From new airports to trans-continental highways and interstate railway projects, Africa is in the throes of an infrastructure boom. Numerous construction and infrastructure projects are being planned, launched, or underway in several countries across the continent.

However, unlike most countries across the globe, construction-focused business intelligence has not been readily available on sub-Saharan Africa.

This is where ConstructAfrica steps in to help you. We produce in-depth reports which give you rare insights into the construction markets of high performing African economies. We outline the major opportunities available for companies like yours to get involved in construction projects.


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ConstructAfrica is the leading resource for industry reports, analysis, news, and project intelligence relating to sub-Saharan Africa Construction markets. Our vision is simple: help business leaders successfully navigate the competitive construction landscape. The business intelligence covered in ConstructAfrica reports ensures you can make the strategic decisions to expand and grow your business here in Sub-Saharan African.


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